Bolinger Family

Happy Wednesday everyone - so thankful to be halfway through this work week and more than ready for an Easter weekend with family! Tons of editing and website updates in the next few weeks but this blog post couldn't wait! 

The Bolinger family session was my first sunrise shoot and now one of my absolute favorites. Baylee happens to be one of my first mama friends and therefore has a special place in my heart! I had just returned back to work at JB HUNT after eight short, and I mean short, weeks at home on maternity leave with Grayson. Any working mama knows those first few weeks back are pretty tough, and a huge adjustment for most. I met Baylee in the locker room as we both found a not-so-comfy spot on the floor to start pumping (every few hours like clock work, might I add). Her son Carter is a few months older than Grayson, so with common ground our friendship was pretty instantaneous  - thank goodness for new mama friends in those first few weeks. She gave such good advice and helped me through the many struggles of being a new mom, and for that I will always be appreciative of. 

Baylee is also a blogger of life and all things DIY, known as The Fayetteville Mama, and can make any Pinterest vision come to life! You can visit her blog here!

With all of that being said I am so glad she asked me to photograph her family and was willing to get her family up and ready at the crack of dawn for this sunrise shoot. I am even more glad this "photography side hustle" has turned into so much more than just taking pictures. I have built great relationships and gained so many new friendships, and that right there is the best part of all of this. 

As you will notice in the images below, this session has so much love, a little sass and some really cute kids. I hope you like these pictures as much as I do! If you hover over each image there is a Pinterest pin button, and a share button at the bottom of this page, so feel free to share!